Between us, a secret (2020)


Between us, a secret is a road-movie that tells the story of Toumani Kouyaté, a tradicional Djeli (storyteller and conflict mediator of West Africa) who lived in Brazil and is called by his Grandfather to return to his homeland and listen to a last story he needs to pass to him before his death. In this mystic journey, where he reencounters his family in a Counseling State Assembly, led by the tradicional storytellers, Toumani will have the chance to reconnect himself with his Ancestors and the iniciatique places that originated the Mandé Empire, where the storytellers were the King's advisors and conflict mediators, and with the power of their magical words sustained peace at the Malinké society.

Written and Directed by: Beatriz Seigner e Toumani Kouyaté

Cast Toumani Kouyaté, Mamadou Kouyaté, Bakari Kouyaté e Bougadari Kouyaté

Director of Photography:  Beatriz Seigner

Produced by Erica de Freitas, Beatriz Seigner e Bruna Haddad


Production Companies: Miríade Filmes (Brasil), Encantamento Produções (Brasil), Spcine (Brasil), Cine Bandada (México), Rattapallax (EUA), Cedevel (Burkina Faso) (Hiperlinks)

Co-produced by Ram Devineni e Toumani Kouyaté

Associated Producers: Denise Seignemartin, Janeth Mora, David Flores e Yair Ponce

Editor: Veronica Saenz

Editor Assistant: Fabiana de Freitas

Script collaboration: Ricardo Terto

Boom Operator: Banouhoun Sidibé

Sound Design and Mixing: Ruben Valdes

Prodution: Érica de Freitas, Beatriz Seigner e Ibirá Machado

Poster and Credits: João Marcos de Almeida

Color Grading and Post Production Alexandre Cristófaro

Post Production Coordinator: Brunno Schiavon

Distribution: Vitrine Filmes