Bollywood Dream (2010)


“We can do what we will, but we cannot will what we will” Schopenhauer Tired of having their bodies exploited at Brazilian Television, three Brazilian actresses fly to India, to try to break into the Bollywood Film industry, but once inside the heart of the Indian Culture, their dreams change between the West and the East philosophies, ancient and contemporary values, between their individual and collective wishes.

(Brasil, India e EUA. 87 minutes. Fiction)

Written and Directed by:

Beatriz Seigner



Paula Braun

Nataly Cabanas

Mohana Krishna

Lorena Lobato

Nithin Nair


Bhávana Rhya

Geetha Satish

Kaushik Satish


Produced by

Associate producer: Claudia Büschel

Producer: Ram Devineni

Associate producer: Fernando Fraiha

Production assistant: V. Gowrishankar

Executive producer: Amir Naderi

Production assistant: R. Raghavendra

Assistant producer: Sriram Raja

Executive producer: Cano Rojas

Producer: Beatriz Seigner

Executive producer: Santosh Sivan

Associated producer: Bianca Villar

Production assistant: Abhiram Viswanathan


Music by

Lorena Lobato

R. Raghavendra


Cinematography by

Beatriz Seigner



Renata Maria


Costume Design por

Beatriz Pieratti

First assistant director: Abhiram Viswanathan


Sound Departament

Foley artist: Felipe Burger Marques

Sound editor: Guille Martins

Re-recording mixer / sound designer: Pedro Noizyman


Visual Effects

Renato Batata


Camera and Electrical Department

First Camera Assitant: V. Gowrishankar


Editoral Departament

Colorist assistant /online editor: Alexandre Cristófaro

Colorist assistant: Maurício Toyama

Colorist: Junior Xis

Title designer: Marcos Garut


Produced by

Miríade Filmes e Rattapallax.



Espaço filmes

Main Festivals and Awards

  • Mostra SP (2009)
  • Festival de Pusan (2010) – Coreia do Sul
  • Festival Dialogue of Cultures (2010) – Tokyo
  • Festival de Cinema Brasileiro de Paris (2010)
  • Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival (2011)

"Beatriz might have done the best film made in the West about India, with only 20 thousand dollars.”"

Luiz Carlos Merten -O Estado de São Paulo 26/10/2009


"The superficial and esquematic becomes steps for something deeper - the ephemeral in face of a millenar culture. We can compare Bollywood Dream with El Mariachi, made by Robert Rodriguez with even less money (U$ 7 thousand). To like or not to like it is what’s matter the least. The small observations in between the lines are it’s strenght."

Luiz Carlos Merten -O Estado de São Paulo 26/10/2009


"Without loosing sight of the script indications, Beatriz Seigner left space for the actors improvisations, evident option on the final texture of the film. They’ve incorporated chance in a good part of the scenes."

Daniel Schenker – Jornal do Brasil – 26/10/2009


"There are a series of moments that make of Bollywood Dream a film that changes the regard of those who watches it."

Heitor Augusto – Cineclick 28/11/2009


"Beatriz defines her film as a jazz session, on which the actors were free to create their lines and the scenes seem to emerge from those moments."

Alyson Oliveira – Cine UOL 26/11/2009


"The cultural chock is one of the most interesting things on the film, especialy because the director avoides the cliches of the foreigner look. There is a discovery tone, of course, since the film is about three woman that have never been in India, but it doesn’t show a fetishe for the exotic. There is where reside the most interesting things of the film Bollywood Dream.”

Alyson Oliveira 26/11/2009



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