Olga's Family (2019)


This film is part of the feature Neighbors / Neighbors produced by Jia Zhang-Ke with filmmakers from BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

Olga is a 90 years old black Brazilian woman, that is waiting for her granddaughter to takeher to the cemetery and1-yearmass of the death of her husband. At this weird afternoonof suspended time, she gets her mourning constantly interrupted by her neighbors, thateven though being from different cultures and countries, resembles what she has lived withher husband. As they take care of her, she takes care of them.And our family notionbecomes wider.

(Brasil, Russia, India, China e Africa do Sul. 20 minutes. Fiction.)

Written and Directed by: Beatriz Seigner

with Léa Garcia as Olga, Norberto Novais as Mr. Antonio, Antônio Haddad as Teenager, Hanah Kubo as Baby Hannah, Natacha Cho as Corean Mother


Produced by Beatriz Seigner, Miríade Filmes e Jia Zhang-Ke

Associate Producer Sara Silveira, Dezenove Som e Imagem

Director fo Photography: Mauro Pinheiro Jr.

Art Director: Marcos Pedroso

Editor Morena Calazans

Sound Design Tomás Franco

Sound Track Supervisor Mateus Alves

First Assitant Director Adjunta Julia Medeiros

Second Assistant Director André Martins

Script Danilo do Carmo

Executive Production Assistant Bianca Medina

Line Producer Alessandra Haro

Production Assistant Brenda Ramos e Leo Tavares

Set Producer Isis ramos

Casting Director Julia Medeiros

Cast Assistant Eva Moreira

Location Scout Mariana Pardo, Isis ramos, Carolina Rodrigues de Siqueira Santos

First Camera Assitant Mika Nobre

Second Camera Assitant Gustavo Aigner

Logger / DIT Julia Mello

Gaffer Miqueias Lino

Best Boy Isaac Lino

Lightening Assistant Vinicius Torres

Key Grip Adriano Rodrigues Silva

Still and Making of Mariano Pikman

Video assist Yale Oliveira

Adicional footage Danilo do Carmo


Set Dresser Gabi Paiva

Set Assistant Fabio Brandão e Alexandro Goes

Props Master Isa Maciel

Prop Assistants Marcelo Saraiva, Caio Rocha, Danielison Nascimento Galvão

Make Up and VX Marília Souza

Make up Assistant Ana Malaxoski

Costume Designer Acervo Carne Louca: Beatriz Pieratti e Carol Reissman


Sound Engineer Tomás Franco

Sound Assistant (Boom) Vanessa Silva

Sound Design Tomás Franco

Sound Track Supervisor Mateus Alves

Sax Player Ubaldo Versolato

ADR Leitmotif Estúdio de Design de Som Fabio Carneiro Leão

Foley Estúdios Som de Cena Fernanda Kraide Tomás Franco

Mixing Studio Confraria de Sons e Charutos

Mixer Sergio Abdalla

Main Festivals and Awards

  • Pingyao International Film Festival 2019
  • 43º Mostra Internacional de São Paulo



screenplay portuguese

screenplay english